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Vintage Culture and ARTBAT are bridging the gap of electronic music from their homelands, joining forces for a high-profile collaboration.

Hailing from Brazil and Ukraine, respectively, the two headlining dance music mainstays are teasing an unreleased song, which Vintage Culture recently tested out live before recording and sharing a clip on social media.

As a mesmeric spoken-word soliloquy coaxes the audience further into the underground, a tense snare build leads them even deeper. Eventually, a raunchy vocal functions as the starting pistol of the track's drop, a slice of pumping techno with the kind of raw energy to ignite any dancefloor.

Vintage Culture is currently rolling out his long-awaited debut album, which is expected to release in 2023. We're unable to confirm at this time whether or not the collaboration with ARTBAT will appear, but the timing of his video suggests it may soon be released as a single. Check out the footage below.


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