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Building a Notary Business

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Building a Notary business is an exciting but sometimes intimidating experience. Notary entrepreneurs understand that the best way to build a successful business is by embracing different lines of work. Tiers of a Successful Notary Business General Notary Work: General Notary work simply means traveling to clients to notarize documents that are not real estate transactions. This includes everything from powers of attorney, trust documents, healthcare-related documents, auto title and transfers and many more. Loan Signings: As a Loan Signing Agent, you will receive assignments from signing services, title companies and mortgage companies to conduct signings for mortgage and real estate transactions. One of the best parts of being a Signing Agent as that you can accept or decline orders at any time without being penalized. Non-Notary Work: With Non-Notary Work, you are completing task that do not require notarization. For example, non-Notary services include fingerprinting services, courier services, field inspections, and Apostilles services. All 3 tiers can help you build a successful Notary business in any state. Be sure to do your research before implementing any of these tiers. Connect with Notary2Notary: YouTube: @Notary2NotaryUSA Website:


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